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Naya Muskan Sudhar Kendra

Our foundation has been created with the sole purpose to bring some value and meaning to the life of addicts who feel trapped and caged by their drug addiction habits. 

Building a strong positive environment, hiring the best team who empathise with their struggle, withdrawals they go through and yet give them hope to go on. 

We can proudly say that Naya Muskan Sudhar Kendra is one of the best rehabilitation centres in Janakpurdham, Nepal who have helped several patients suffering from addiction in this journey by providing them the right care and support.

What We Offer

Our Expertise

We have a dedicated team of health care experts who are ever ready to support you in this journey.

12 Steps Program

The 12 Steps Program is a popular program that was created for addicts across the globe. After witnessing a strong success base of the program, we have introduced this in India as an effective guide to recovery at our Foundation too.

Supportive Environment

A positive environment that ensures a positive vibration and energy in our patients' minds, helps them complete their journey of drug addiction. Comes along with game sessions and more fun activity where people are kept busy throughout the day.

Counselling Sessions

Personalized counselling sessions are conducted to understand their mindset, journey, and frustration and eventually guide them to recovery. Patients and parents are counselled one-to-one basis so patients can be open with their counsellors and openly share.

Balanced Diet

We do not compromise on the quality of our meals, ensuring a balanced diet for every patient. A proper meal is a crucial aspect to be taken care of in the recovery phase.

Recreational Activites

Cultivating healthy habits can shape an individual better for life. Keeping them engaged in activities like meditation, reading, games, etc. helps them to be relaxed and joyful.

Why You Should Trust Us.

The virtues our team dedicatedly works on

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24/7 Support

We recognize that each individual has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of goals that need to be taken care of and love and care are an important ways to help them in this journey.

At our foundation, there is no place for judgment or humiliation. We strongly believe a person can grow better with a positively reinforced environment. We are an affordable evidence-based addiction treatment program that only focuses on your or your loved one’s healthy recovery.